I-Share Outpatient Department

Giving patients educational information to enhance understanding of their eye health and care. 

Gut Microbiome Study

Searching for a new and effective treatment for the most common cause of blindness in Australia. 


The Australian Keratoprosthesis Service (AKS) in Sydney is saving sight. 

Virtual Reality Assessment

Virtual reality can assist in standardising the evaluation of functional vision.

The Sydney Eye Drop Project

A three-pronged strategy to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life. 

Ellex IntegrePro Scan Laser

New funding transforms the efficacy and efficiency of retinal surgery at Sydney Eye Hospital.

Vision Australia Digital Accessibility Audit

Removing roadblocks to ensure patients can access the important information they need. 

Cataracts: Improving the patient journey

Working with the community to deliver better eye health in line with Australian Clinical Care standards. 

Sydney Eye Hospital Fellowship Program

Providing an integral function to Sydney Eye Hospital and beyond.

Nexa Q-Flow: Ending waiting in line

Introducing an improved patient experience with the end to queues in outpatient clinics.

Glaucoma research project

Exploring a more precise and individualised approach to glaucoma care.

Kogarah Eye Clinic Optical Coherence Tomographer

Residents in Sydney's southern suburbs can now have specialist eye testing closer to home. 

Ophthalmic Pharmacopoeia App

Putting real-time, accurate information in the pockets of ophthalmic professionals. 

Annual Donor Impact Report 2021

In 2021, Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation celebrated 40 years supporting excellence in eye health.

Zeiss Artevo 800 digital ophthalmic microscope

The latest operating microscope technology is introduced to Sydney Eye Hospital.

BindiMaps wayfinding solution

Visitors can now get directions for all the main patient destinations right on their smartphone.

Leading the fight against global corneal blindness

A group of Australian researchers is exploring bioengineered eye tissue to treat corneal blindness.

Annual Donor Impact Report 2020

Revolutionising the treatment of eye disease and clinical and hospital care since 1981.

Improving equal access to care

Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation is committed to removing barriers to eye care for Aboriginal people.

Treatment for a major cause of blindness

New research funded by generous donations to Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation gives hope.

Retinal research project restores hope

Impacting retinal degeneration - the leading cause of blindness in Australian children and adults.

Revolutionary bio-pen project

The iFixPen holds the promise of instant corneal repair out in the field, anywhere, anytime. 

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