Glaucoma research project

Thanks to generous donations to Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation, Dr Jed Lusthaus is investigating if a non-invasive test can hold the key to early diagnosis of glaucoma and save the sight of hundreds of thousands of Australians every year.

The case for funding

Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible vision loss in the world. Despite this we have limited understanding of why 3% of Australians develop glaucoma.

Haemoglobin Video Imaging (HVI), a non-invasive clinic-based test, is able to visualise how fluid normally drains from the eye.

HVI may be able to detect differences in fluid drainage caused by glaucoma. This may lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, both of which preserve vision.

HVI has also been shown to be a useful tool in monitoring the effects of treatments used for glaucoma.

Donor impact

Dr Jed Lusthaus (pictured above with Linda Fagan, Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation CEO) is a glaucoma specialist and clinical researcher at Sydney Eye Hospital and The University of Sydney. He is in the final year of a PhD studying how glaucoma affects fluid drainage from the eye.

The goal of this research project is to diagnose glaucoma earlier to prevent vision loss. Dr Lusthaus was named an AMP Tomorrow Maker in 2021 to support the development of Haemoglobin Video Imaging (HVI) for glaucoma research.

“Without the generosity of Foundation donors this type of research would not be possible. Thank you for your valuable contribution towards saving sight. It is a privilege to be able to contribute to glaucoma research and I am thankful to the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation for providing this wonderful opportunity.” - Dr Jed Lusthaus

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