Ellex IntegrePro Scan Laser

After a successful trial of the latest technologies available, Sydney Eye Hospital’s Medical Retinal Unit applied to the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation for funding to purchase an Ellex Integre Pro Scan, a pattern laser to treat patients with retinal and glaucoma disorders.

The case for funding

There are many different kinds of laser used in ophthalmology. A laser is amplified light energy which can be targeted to different parts of the eye with minimal or no damage to surrounding structures.

For instance, Argon laser is a blue-green spectrum laser which targets pigmented or darker structures in the eye such as the iris and it delivers a single spot of laser at a time.

But now, with advances in medical equipment, laser treatment can be delivered in precise computer-controlled patterns and wavelengths.

According to the Medical Retinal Unit department head Professor Mark Gillies, the Ellex Integre Pro Scan can rapidly deliver multiple laser spots in different patterns within the fraction of a second unlike standard thermal lasers.

Another feature of the technology is that it delivers uniform distribution of energy. This eliminates hotspots and ensures practitioners can achieve consistent, predictable treatment outcomes across a broad range of ocular conditions including diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears and detachment, retinal vascular disorders and some types of acute glaucoma.

Donor impact

The Ellex Integre Pro Scan was under trial in the Outpatients Department for month and reported positive feedback from users, giving the Hospital confidence it was the best solution for patients and practitioners.

With thanks to the Foundation’s generous donors, now patients at Sydney Eye Hospital will not only benefit from state-of-the-art technology, but they’ll be also treated up to twice as quickly than it was possible with conventional single-spot laser surgery. This is a huge benefit as the increased capacity will allow for more patients to be treated on a single day reducing surgery waiting time, and more prompt treatment has the knock of effect of potentially improved outcomes.

"This cutting edge technology by Ellex is a welcome addition to our Outpatients Department in the fight against blinding diseases such as diabetic retinopathy." - Dr James Wong

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