Ophthalmic Pharmacopoeia App

In a joint initiative involving Sydney Eye Hospital’s health and pharmacy workers, the Sydney Eye Hospital Ophthalmic Pharmacopoeia application provides quick and easy access to reference information for medications used in ophthalmic practice.

The case for funding

Providing excellence in eye care for patients includes ensuring they are given the appropriate medications prescribed at the correct dosage.

The opportunity existed to develop an application (app) to give every eye health care practitioner access to accurate and up-to-date intel on their smart devices. 

Donor impact

Thanks to the Sydney Eye Hospital Ophthalmic Pharmacopoeia app, now ophthalmologists, pharmacists, and eye health care workers everywhere have the opportunity for real-time access to information that is both reliable and accurate.

Drugs can be searched by generic or Australian brand name, each drug entry includes information on indications, dosage, access and availability, special considerations and precautions along with adverse reactions and monitoring.

Download the App from Google Play or Apple Stores.

“Health practitioners using the app can be reassured they are prescribing the right drug and the right dose in the right patient. It also flags drug interactions, systemic side effects and cautions. This will further improve patient safety. No wonder its being used globally, too.” – Professor Peter McCluskey AO, Professor & Chair of Ophthalmology at Sydney Eye Hospital, Director Save Sight Institute at The University of Sydney

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