Nexa Q-Flow: Ending waiting in line

Patients no longer need to wait in line when waiting for their appointment at Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital clinics thanks to an innovative new queue flow system called Q-Flow. 

The case for funding

Demand for Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital services is increasing, with outpatient numbers anticipated to grow 25% by 2031.  

In 2020/2021, the benchmark for outpatient visits sat close to 125,000. With growth adding up to more than 30,000 additional people attending clinics, the need to streamline the patient journey and reduce manual administrative practices for staff was critical.

Donor impact

The solution, with thanks to generous donations from the community to the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation, includes self check-in kiosks and Medicare online patient validation along with an opt-in for SMS notifications.

Medicare swipe technologies provide instant card validation, while at the same time confirm patient demographical information is up to date in multiple integrated systems.

“This is the first step for Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital’s Q-Flow technology integration. Patient feedback consistently highlights communication and waiting times as areas for improvement and we’re pleased to be rolling out a series of kiosks that they may use to register their arrival.” - Jennie Barry, General Manager, Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital

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