Grant Application

About our Grants

In order to be successful, grant application proposals must benefit Sydney Eye Hospital state-wide service delivery or have national and global benefit for ophthalmic patients.

Application open

4 September 2023

Application close

13 October 2023

Applications are open to Sydney Eye Hospital staff in the following categories and criteria


Funding available: $50,000. Seed funding for translational research in prevention, early intervention or improved treatment outcomes for ophthalmology patients. Lead researcher must work in an Australian institution and project must be in collaboration with current Sydney Eye Hospital specialist.

Please apply via our research grant application form here.

Accessibility projects

Funding available: $20,000 - $100,000. Providing safe, accessible and evidence-based care to improve patient outcomes. Includes the In memory Bertha and Kung Hay Cheung Annual Scholarship to support innovative projects.

Please apply by completing the application form here.

Professional programs

Funding available: $2,000 - $5,000. Supporting staff wellbeing, leadership and professional development, to positively benefit the health and experience of our community.

Please apply by completing the application form here.

Technology and equipment

Funding available: $50,000. Enhancing digital capabilities improving diagnosis, treatment and patient outcomes.

Please apply by completing the application form here.

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