Say 'Thanks'

A simple act of gratitude can ripple out to bring hope and happiness to countless others

The staff at Sydney Eye Hospital all share the same goal, to ensure you and your loved ones receive excellence in every aspect of care. From the specialists who calm your fears when presenting a diagnosis and medical teams performing complex procedures and surgeries - to the nurses, clinic and ward staff who compassionately look after you while you get better.

The Say ‘Thanks’ Program gives you, your family and friends the chance to express gratitude for the special care received through a financial contribution to the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.

Your kind donation will have a ripple effect providing vital funding for scientific research, specialised equipment, and the ongoing training of ophthalmology specialists.

When you donate, you are given the option to name the person or people who played a special part in caring for you. You can even write a short note that we will put in a card and give to them on your behalf.

A Say ‘Thanks’ donation ensures Sydney Eye Hospital can continue to offer excellence in patient-centred care.

Why Angie said thank you

Angie, a florist in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs made a significant donation to the Foundation’s Say ‘Thanks’ Program following two emergency eye surgeries.

“I have a successful flower business and seeing well is absolutely critical in every single aspect of running it,” said Angie. “Driving to the markets, carefully selecting only the best blooms, making the orders using sharp secateurs and scissors, and my favourite part – getting to know my customers.”

“I was so impressed with the staff at Sydney Eye Hospital. The Specialist was phenomenal – so kind and reassuring. The Admissions people were warm and helpful. And every nurse I met made me feel that I was in absolutely safe and capable hands.”

“The surgeries were complicated, and I was so afraid at the time, but now I can see really well and don’t need to wear glasses.” “That feeling of relief and gratitude was so overwhelming, I had to do something more than buy a box of chocolates for the staff. When I found out you could donate to the hospital, I contacted the Foundation. I’m not super wealthy, but I thought about what would have happened to my livelihood if I hadn’t been treated successfully.”

“At the end of the day, you can’t put a price on good eyesight!”

We’re here to support your choice of donation.