Sydney Eyes Have It!

07 Aug 2023

On Sunday 13 August 2023, our City2Surf team called Sydney Eyes Have It, will be hitting the pavement raising much needed funds for Sydney Eye Hospital.

Two members, Tae Park, an Acting Nurse Unit Manager and Aleks, a Medical Administration Officer from Leichhardt, will be taking on the City2Surf and running to raise vital funds for the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation. 

Known as Australia’s largest fun run, the 14km event starts in the CBD and leads participants on a thrilling course to one of the world’s most famous seaside destinations - Bondi Beach.

A regular runner, Tae says he is motivated to do a better time than he did in 2022, incidentally, the first time he participated.

“When I crossed the line last year, I had a little regret that I could have run faster,” says Tae.

But it’s not all about the physical challenge. Organisers say giving back to charity has become the beating heart of the iconic event, and Tae, who works in the Outpatient Department of Sydney Eye Hospital, is passionate about raising funds to provide essential eye care.

“I think our sight is so important,” says Tae. “Every day we see the beautiful world with our eyes, from the moment we wake up in the morning until we fall asleep.”

The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation is dedicated to improving eye health for all. They do this by working with the community, like people running in the City2Surf, to fund programs that provide equal access to care while also investing in scientific research, specialised equipment, and the ongoing training of ophthalmology specialists – all at Sydney Eye Hospital.

For others, like Aleks, personal reasons close to her heart, is motivating her to run the 14-kilometer course. 

“My sister was diagnosed with glaucoma at the young age of 30, and my mum has been through complicated cases involving detachments of both retinas,” she says.

“They both live in Poland, and while they receive good care there, I would love them to have access to specialists using state-of-the-art technology, like we do at Sydney Eye Hospital with thanks to generous donations to the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation,” says Aleks.

This is Aleks’ first time running the City2Surf and she’s enjoying the challenge of training and looking forward to seeing how well she can do on the day.

Tae has working knowledge of the impact of funds raised and donated to the Foundation in funding critical initiatives and projects.

“I am grateful to the Foundation for enabling our Outpatient Department to provide top-notch patient care and service,” says Tae.

“This year alone the Foundation funded our EYECARE project. Now medical staff can give patients the vital information they need to maintain their eye care at home in a simple and easy to understand format,” says Tae.

Tae is also impressed by how community funds have helped the hospital acquire advanced medical equipment, such as retinal laser machines.

“Vision and eye health are important, but cutting-edge technology in ophthalmology is really expensive,” he says.

“The lasers purchased by Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation have saved many retinal tears and holes which could have developed into sight-threatening retinal detachment,” says Tae.

The Hospital’s state-of-the-art equipment and reputation in delivering excellence in eye care means the service receives patients from all around NSW as well as other nationally, particularly when it comes to extremely complex ophthalmological treatments.

“I take pride in what we do at Sydney Eye Hospital as a team; helping people in the community save their eyesight, detecting sight-threatening conditions early, and together managing our patients' eye conditions,” says Tae.

“What motivates me to fundraise is my desire for Sydney Eye Hospital to continue to provide this essential eye care to the Australian public,” he says.

“Our sight plays a really important role in the quality of life and the activities we do every day, whether that’s driving to the local grocery shop or looking in the eyes of a loved one.”

You’re invited to show your support by donating to the team and helping them reach their $1,000 goal.