Patient care boosted by additional grants in 2023

23 Feb 2023

Clinical and non-clinical care for patients at Sydney Eye Hospital has received an additional boost with new grant funding of $188,520 announced, contributing to the $1.3 million Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation has committed in 2023.

Grants have been given for five vital, new projects and the main beneficiary is patients with retinal and glaucoma disorders, following a successful trial the Foundation has provided for purchase of the Ellex Pattern Laser in the Outpatients Department. 

L Fagan, Dr Wong, Tae Park, Clare Hafner nurse

Pictured Linda Fagan, Dr James Wong, Tae Park Nurse Unit Manager and Claire Hafner with the new pattern laser.

A total of $119,000 has been allocated for the pattern laser which, according to Dr James Wong, Medical Retinal specialist, “The advantages include overall reduction of laser time, the ability to apply laser spots in a regular fashion to the retina and potentially improve patient comfort, resulting in better and safer outcomes.

“This cutting-edge technology is a welcome addition to our Outpatients Department addressing blinding diseases such as diabetic retinopathy.”


Dr Duri Kim

Dr Duri Kim pictured.

Announcing the grants, Foundation CEO Linda Fagan said emphasis by the board for this round of funding had been on patient care, improving diagnosis and reducing waiting times.

“One area of service we have focussed on is glaucoma as “World Glaucoma Week” is being held March 12-18.

“We have awarded $17,000 to Dr Duri Kim and Dr Ridia Lim of the Glaucoma Department to create a program to help patients effectively maintain their eye drop treatment.

“It will include development of an app and a marketing campaign providing simple easy to follow instructions.”

She said $10,175 had been allocated to Danielle Morgan, deputy head of the Orthoptics Department to trial a digital platform so patients and their carers may receive tailored health information via email or SMS.

“Relevant resources will not only inform those in care about their eye condition but will also support wellbeing throughout their healthcare journey.”

Linda said the remaining two grants were $25,000 to a collaborative group of nursing and clinicians at Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital to improve the journey for cataract patients in line with Australian Clinical Care standards.

“The consortium will review clinical and non-clinical aspects of care using a multi-disciplinary team approach.”

Another grant allocated was to the Hospital Wayfinding Committee, led by Ann Hodge, acting manager of the Clinical Practice Improvement Unit. It has received $17,325 to engage Vision Australia’s Digital Access team.

“The project aim is to identify technical accessibility issues and ultimately ensure the Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital website is accessible, inclusive and user friendly.

“On behalf of the board I would like to thank all our supporters and donors who donate, making important grants like these possible.”

Jennie Barry, General Manager of Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital said the grants were yet another significant contribution to the high quality of service and care which had come to be expected from the entire hospital team.

“The Foundation has been working for us for 41 years now and each year its role is one of greater importance as our population and demand for services grows and technology and community engagement become more important than ever.

“Like anything else, however, it is only as good as the support it is given, and I would like to thank all those loyal donors who are always ready to answer the Foundation’s call.”