Help fund innovative microscope

16 Nov 2022

Imagine not so long ago, an eye surgeon crouched over a small microscope as they enlarge the magnified area to see and to perform a delicate sight-saving operation on a patient.

And now picture the surgeon today using the world’s first 3D operating microscope, the medical team viewing the procedure on a 3D TV screen on the theatre wall, confident they have the best and latest technology available.

For ophthalmologists like Professor John Grigg, Head of Ophthalmology at the University of Sydney and Consultant Ophthalmologist, Sydney Eye Hospital and Children’s Hospital Westmead, the 3D microscope transforms procedures.

“It improves visualisation of the whole surgery. It also provides all those in the operating theatre the same view as the surgeon.

“It’s clearly quite extraordinary because it all stands out. Instead of looking down a little tiny view, you’ve got a 55-inch plasma screen to perform the operation.”

Professor Grigg like all our specialist teams at Sydney Eye Hospital is passionate about saving sight and was the lead surgeon in the team looking after Roshni, aged 68, from Lunea Sydney.

Roshni’s case was challenging because the two types of eye disease attacking Roshni’s sight meant she was losing both her central and peripheral vision and when someone like Roshni who has always had sight goes blind, it’s not just sight they lose.

Professor John Grigg and Roshni

They lose their independence, their ability to work, to study, to be with friends and family…they can become isolated and alone, trapped in their own home.

Roshni was in a race against time to keep her sight, her independence, and her hopes and dreams for her retirement.

The microscope was being trialled at the hospital and this combined with the expertise of our team, meant we could take action fast and get to work to save Roshni’s sight.

The fact is everyone, if they live long enough, will experience at least one eye issue in their lifetime. And the number of people losing their sight in Australia is increasing year on year.


Thankfully, 80% of vision loss is treatable if diagnosed quickly. All sight-loss is a race against time, and once diagnosed, must be treated without delay. But to maximise our chances, we need the right tech, care and surgical expertise.

Thanks to generous community support Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation has been able to, for 40 years, help provide vital equipment. Thanks to this support, we can purchase technology that directly contributes to training nurses and surgeons, and means every patient gets the most personalised and innovative medical solutions for their unique situation.

We are in a race against time before sight loss becomes a major public health issue in Australia. Your donation today will help fund a new special 3D microscope and training to save the sight of more people like Roshni.