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What closing the gap means for Dennis an...

Friday, 24th Mar 23

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are experiencing blindness and vision loss at three times the rate of other Australians. And when a condition or disease is diagnosed, they are waiting longer for surgery accounting for 11% of the health gap.

Glaucoma Week 12 March 2023

Wednesday, 15th Mar 23

This Glaucoma Week, Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation reflects on its part in eye care in Australia and the start of a specialist glaucoma service at the hospital in 1962, thanks to the Lions Club of NSW helping in establishing and outfitting a dedicated glaucoma clinic.

Great change starts with a small step

Tuesday, 7th Mar 23

Erik’s experience with a genetic eye disease that needed an organ transplant was, in his words, "a wake-up call". Now he feels a strong sense of responsibility to help others by telling it.

Patient care boosted by additional grant...

Thursday, 23rd Feb 23

Clinical and non-clinical care for patients at Sydney Eye Hospital has received an additional boost with new grant funding of $188,520 announced, contributing to the $1.3 million Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation has committed in 2023.

Meet the SEHF 2023 Fellows

Monday, 6th Feb 23

They’re here and it’s all thanks to our generous donors! In July we welcomed an additional four new international fellows. All are eagerly looking forward to working at Sydney Eye Hospital with our world class professionals

World-class surgeon honoured

Wednesday, 21st Dec 22

A/Professor Andrew Chang’s first thought, when told this month he was to receive the APVRS Tano Lecture Award for services to ophthalmology in Australia, was “my colleague and mentors at Sydney Eye Hospital share this with me.

Poppies Salute War Heroes

Thursday, 10th Nov 22

There was Brechead Meade (a schoolboy of 14) who died a man’s death on the parapet of the German officers’ trench.

New technology to improve patient experi...

Monday, 17th Oct 22

Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital is introducing NEXA’s Q-Flow solution to its specialist outpatients eye and hand clinics to improve patient flow and reduce manual administrative practices.

My Eyes Were Bulging…

Monday, 12th Sep 22

Nicholas, of Annandale, knew something was wrong with his eyes last year. They were giving him pain and his vision was blurred.

Glaucoma Research $50,000 grant

Wednesday, 7th Sep 22

Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible vision loss in the world. Despite this we have limited understanding of why 3% of Australians develop glaucoma.

Retinal Research $50,000 grant

Wednesday, 7th Sep 22

Retinal degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in children and adults in Australia. At present, there are no approved treatments which can reverse this sight loss. However, one possible approach vision restoration in retinal disease is through cellular therapy to replace lost retinal cells. However, identifying a reliable source of stem or progenitor cells for cell therapy is an unmet challenge.

New grants for Eye Hospital

Friday, 2nd Sep 22

Patients, staff, research and new equipment at Sydney Eye Hospital have been given a boost this year with new grants totalling $251,905 from its accredited charity, The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.